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Dining with Covid-19
Dining with Covid-19
With the rise of Covid-19, dining habits have changed not only for the consumer but also for the producer.
In the Rebel Market, on the Ole Miss campus, seats are marked with warning labels that mandate mask wearing when not eating, and signs all across the floor direct traffic in a manner that best suits the current demand for social distancing. Traffic in general is lower than normal, and many seats are left open as people take their consumption habits elsewhere.
Even in the Student Union, things are changing.
Tables are spaced out further apart, and the total amount of seating in the Union's food court is much lower. Still, these tables are again marked by the need to mask up outside of eating, and lines have spaced out markers to assist social distancing while waiting in line for a meal.
Each dining area respectively has faced its own fair share of issues, but both establishments on the Ole Miss Campus are still thriving in their own ways. The semester has been strange, and the flow of traffic has arrived in a different manner than previously, but regardless they have held firm and managed to find success as students still flock to the locations looking for their favorite meals.
Nov 9, 2020
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