2020 Bali Goddess: DasaSaras
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2020 Bali Goddess: DasaSaras
Dasasaras encourages you to surround yourself with the positive and creative energy that will foster inspiration, motivation, and hard work. In this new decade, take the time to nurture your dreams and discover ways to achieve them.

Inspiration Behind DasaSaras:

As 2020 approaches, I want to inspire those who see my art piece to think about their divine creative purpose. Everyone can be a creator. Creators are messengers of the cosmos, channeling divine energy through their art. Thus, I hope DaraSwati inspires you to look deep into yourself for your creative resonance.

DasaSaras is one of the mermaids mentioned in Zest’s founding story. DasaSaras is an embodiment of Bali culture and the Hindu Goddess of creativity, SaraSwati. Inspired by traditional Balinese fashion, DasaSaras is wearing golden armor to invoke courage to dive into your creation for this upcoming year. Her headdress is a reminder of your divine self. The green vina, a Hindu musical instrument, is a throwback to SaraSwati, call on her for your creative needs. Explore the immersive art piece that is DasaSaras from the lotus crystal by her tail to the detailing on her headpiece. Thank you for entering my art.
Dec 30, 2019
Culture & HumanityMade with Tilt Brush and Blocks
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