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Tributaries: Ben Dory | Kissing Numbers
Tributaries: Ben Dory | Kissing Numbers
Kissing numbers is a geometric concept that refers to the greatest number of identically sized spheres that can touch, or kiss, a common sphere simultaneously without overlapping. As the spheres nest together in this state, patterns begin to emerge and larger shapes take form. “This work pays homage to traditional granulation, an ancient and intricate technique of fusing primarily gold spheres. Always with an air of mystery, granulated objects convey the ongoing power of repeated minutiae: the captivating (and useful) qualities of pattern and patterning. Reflecting on patterns as repeated systems, granulation is akin to representing molecular structures using a stick and ball model. Simplistic yet descriptive, stainless granulation is a way for me to recognize craft history while reflecting on the complexity of systems that surround me.” – BEN DORY

EXHIBITION & PROGRAMMING SUPPORT: Windgate Charitable Foundation Hyde Family Foundation

OPERATIONAL SUPPORT: ArtsMemphis Tennessee Arts Commission
Dec 19, 2020
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