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Feminist Virtual Tour in Tel Aviv with Tomer
Feminist Virtual Tour in Tel Aviv with Tomer
Tomer Chelouche // White City Ladies: A Feminist Virtual Tour in Tel Aviv

How many streets are named after women in the most pluralistic city in Israel? Where is the most feminist place in Tel Aviv? Who were the women who designed the White City of Tel Aviv and why were they forgotten?

This virtual tour in Tel Aviv aims to shed a new light on feminist aspects, that are usually revealed in a real-life walk in the city streets. Join Tomer Chelouche - Tel Aviv tour guide (both real-life and virtual) with over a decade of experience.

To start the virtual tour click the gear icon and choose to allow for audio (there's a short audio segment in the middle of the tour worth hearing). Then, click "Full Screen Display" on the upper left corner of the 360° display.

Navigation instructions - click the info button on the bottom right to reveal information about the scene you are at. Click on the points of interest by order for additional photos and explanations. To move to the next station or return to the previous station, use the arrows on the center-bottom of the display
Jun 5, 2020
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