Cheese Cake Fairy
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Cheese Cake Fairy
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See Music video here:

I did another virtual reality painting of a dream : Cheese Cake Fairy.

This time I wrote a song for it too.

Today after heading back from the office, I stopped at a shop to get a something sweet. Here in Thailand, food is much cheaper than Australia. This is awesome, and sometimes catches me off guard. Today I accidentally bought a cheesecake like thing. It was called a cheesecake, but I dont know if they translated it right. It was more a big ball of frozen blended coconut with a cake base, big enough to share with a few people. I was shocked with how big it was, and the waiters laughed at my reaction. They could tell I didn't realize how much I ordered.

When I got home, I took a short rest and I think this event inspired a dream, which in turn inspired this song / Virtual Reality painting. Cheese Cake Fairy

Time from dream to created to upload: ~1 hour.
Lyrics and song written by me, made up as I recorded it.
Painted and filmed by me, in Virtual Reality. 30min.
Dream by me.
"Cheese Cake" by Chiang Mai.
Apr 27, 2018
Food & DrinkMade with Tilt Brush
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