Industrial Robot Bank Breakout
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Industrial Robot Bank Breakout
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Linked to video this painting was made for
Dream where I was a spy robbing an industrial robot bank part 2. The escape.
I had the bombs. But I threw them at the wrong elevator shaft

(It was the building I use to live in with an extra basement) This building in thailand. PT Residence. But in corrimal. Nikki lived in corrimal. There were gaters and crocodials.
Nikki had a boyfriend over. Her bedroom was a bile of sand with a bed and roof.
She thought the gaters couldnt get up the sand so she was safe. It was too steep.

She lived right by the bridge over the creek.

She lived on the only street with gaters. There were mostly crocks. But no her street there were also gaters.

I was with someone. Maybe Annie.

Back to robing the bank. I was with Rick and Annie.
We got caught becuase the bomb didnt blow up the right evelator shaft / bank vault.
Someone was there, leavning agains the evaltor shaft that waas the wrong one and still didnt blow up as the robots caught us. He was in a suit, smug, chuckling. The robots are hug, 15ft tall, on wheels, industrial, yellow dirty, Ai programmed together, Big truck wheels. Recorod audio to hear us.

A lot of highschool friends are arrested too.

They have us all for tresspassing and arent sure if we are going to rob the bank.

They take our big id cards (the size of a plate but square and has our plans on it)

Im sitting at the end of the group Rick, Liam Thomas and Annie.

Other highschoolm friends are there, I am not sure who.
The robots have us surrounded and sitting.

I am given chocklate eggs as a sign they like me and trust me.

We area somehow let free after a long and complex minipluating game to get their trust.

Everone runs crazy like and I am trying to hold and eat al the easter eggs I have and my plans / cosutme. I cant find Rick Annie and Liam who are going ot contiune the robbery.

I see them at the end of the field, already dressed as super heros for the robbery. Alarm goes off.

Jun 2, 2018
ArtMade with Tilt Brush
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