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Greenbelt Forest Preserve
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Greenbelt Forest Preserve
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*** Turn on narration (gear symbol on top right corner) to hear bird calls and sounds ***

Greenbelt Forest Preserve is Lake County's most urban preserve. It sits on the eastern edge of Lake County, a mile and half from the shores of Lake Michigan. This location, along with its diversity of habitats (you can find patches of prairie, woods, shrubland and wetlands) makes it an invaluable stopover site for migrating birds along the Mississippi Flyway.

In addition to its ecological significance Greenbelt holds cultural and historic importance as well. Green Bay Road, which bisects the preserve, was originally a travel route used by Native Americans who were first in the area. The surrounding area has seen plenty of changes throughout the years and is now home to significant Latino and African American communities.

Join us as we explore the preserve with an emphasis on the migratory birds that call it home.

Credits: Golden Eagle Image: Daniel O'Donnell; Golden Eagle Audio: Carlos Rossi Cabrera (xeno-canto.org), Red-winged Blackbird Image: Don Henderson; Red-winged Blackbird Audio: David Darrell-Lambert; Pond Audio: Refugio Mariscal; Ruby-throated Hummingbird Audio: Allen T Chartier; Sunflower Image: Daniel Suarez, Yellow-bellied Sapsucker Image: David Glatz; Yellow-bellied Sapsucker Audio: Sue Riffe (xeno-canto.org); Blackburnian Warbler Image: Kat Bradley-Bennett; Blackburnian Warbler Audio: Matt Wistrand (xeno-canto.org), Northern Shoveler Image: Gerald Lisi; Northern Shoveler Audio: Peter Boesman; Tree Swallow Image: Kameko Walker; Tree Swallow Audio: Ezekiel S Jakub, Great Blue Heron Image: Susan Hodgson; Great Blue Heron Audio: Christopher McPherson; Brown Thrasher Image: Peter Waksmundzki; Brown Thrasher Recording: Ross Gallardy (xeno-canto.org)
Apr 16, 2020
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