'You Are A Tree' LIVE VR Art
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'You Are A Tree' LIVE VR Art
'Bob VRoss' Live VR Art Stream March 20.
Inspired by a previous VR Art lecture I gave at the National Museum of Bahrain. This is a tree that has all four seasons, and is focused on the parallel between human growth and the life of a tree through these different seasons.
This is a reminder that you were never meant to be "under a constant state of construction" like a building that needs to be perfected constantly. You are a natural being! You go through your own growth and phases in life just like a tree does. you let go of things that no longer serve you, just as a tree lets go of its leaves in the Fall to retain water. You make time for rest just as a tree would during Winter. Give yourself enough time to gain energy to blossom and help others just as a tree would when it provides fruit and shade during Spring and Summer.
What you see as faults or mistakes are just a part of the growth process and phases in your life :) Embrace your inner tree.
May 14, 2020
NatureMade with Tilt Brush
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