"Face Myself" 3 part narrative
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"Face Myself" 3 part narrative
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This is a project for ART 210: Studio Art for the non-major at my college.

The girl in red is seen guarding the enterance to a castle. A girl in blue is shown on the ground, defenseless as she pleads with Red to aid her in fighting the mysterious inky substance swallowing the land. It's quickly approacing the castle, but Red is reluctant to help Blue, as she is clearly weak.
In a desperate attempt to gain acceptance from Red, Blue comes back to the castle some time later. This time, however, she is stronger, and gives Red all she's got to prove that she's willing to do what it takes to stop the substance
Finally, Blue and Red have merged into one strong woman, coming out of the fire reborn. She is ready to take on the darkness of the substance.

Red is supposed to represent my strengths, Blue my weaknesses and Purple is me when I accept them both together. Their swords are made from glass, and in the end, the glass is on fire as the newer, stronger blade is being formed, as glass can only take so much. The castle Red guards represents my mind. She is strong, but she is arrogant and does not want to accept that she can be weak. She refuses to let the weakness, Blue, in, out of fear and pride. However, when she accepts Blue, they both become stronger. Blue is persistent, because when you ignore your weaknesses, they only get worse (stronger). The substance represents society, as people tend to live by what the world says is best. Blue is trying to escape society because she is weak-minded, and Red rejects it because she is prideful. When they come together, as one, they can take on the challenge of society together.
Accepting my flaws and humbling myself have been huge obstacles in my life, and I still work on both. I have been inspired by books I read, video games I play, movies I watch and my personal walk in religion to better myself. This piece is meant to be a representation of that battle, inspired by my life, the media I enjoy and the 'hero's journey".
Apr 30, 2019
Made with Tilt Brush and Blocks
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