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The Palenque Cross Group
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The Palenque Cross Group
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Visit the Cross Group, the complex of three temples designed by Palenque's ruler K'inich Kan Bahlam. Their rich decoration, long hieroglyphic texts and complex iconography offers an exceptional (and the best we have had so far) opportunity to study and understand the Classic Maya religious beliefs, their cosmology and mythology.

The complex of the three structures is located at the foot of El Mirador Hill (called by Maya Yemal K’uk’ Lakam Witz or “big mountain of descending quetzal”) and next to Otolum stream (or Lakamha “Big waters”). Each temple is built at different height, possibly corresponding to three different levels of the Maya universe: heaven, earth/surface of water and the underworld. The temples contain small miniature “houses” or shrines also called pib’naah (an “underground house”). Inside these shrines were large tablets with lengthy hieroglyphic texts and complex iconography. Each temple is dedicated to one of the three patron gods of the Palenque dynasty – The Palenque Triad.

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Jul 16, 2019
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