Autobio Summative Piece ART210
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Autobio Summative Piece ART210
The goal of this project was to summarize the elements of art that we have explored throughout the many projects this semester. I was asked to create an imaginary environment that I would consider worthy to live in that included: a companion and a meaning through the use of images, symbols, or narrative. Since this imaginary world must be worthy for myself to live in, I chose the narrative of the world to be an autobiography of my life. Therefore, I combined my love and aspiration for golf into my future as a scientist and physician.

In my world, you will see me dressed in scrubs looking into a microscope on a lab bench (my companion). As you pan through the microscope to see what specimen I am observing, there is a golf course with many different elements about myself. The unique aspect of this is that I was able to create symbolism within symbolism as my older self is looking at my younger self. This is symbolized by a physical connection of this sparking streak going from myself in scrubs, through the microscope, and then onto myself playing golf. Once this streaks reaches my younger self, it continues to go as if it were a golf ball heading towards the target. The target is a micropipette (used in labs) and is also symbolic through this connection of time, as I am always aiming for a target or goal of reaching the upmost potential in myself.

There are also other forms of symbolism within the small golf course landscape I created as the microscope slide. One being passion, as passion is shown throughout as many of my different hobbies are incorporated such as a jet since I love flying and traveling, and a kayak since I love to kayak on the lake in the summer. Another form of symbolism that is seen throughout my piece is one the idea that no matter who you become, always remember where you came from, as where you came from, shaped you into the person you are today. This is seen on the microscope slide as myself playing golf, which has taught me many life lessons, along with different scientific elements showing that my love for science was developed at a young age. One other form of symbolism is seen in the jet that is taking off going at full power with smoke coming out of the engines. This symbolizes the idea that no matter what goals you set up for yourself, attempt them with everything you have at “full power”.
Apr 30, 2019
ArtMade with Tilt Brush and Blocks
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