Dream of Slug The Rock
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Dream of Slug The Rock
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I want to share my nuclear apocalyptic survival dream I had last night, with flooding and crowds of maybe-zombies. Driving a truck through 3m floods to an alien landscape with giant slugs that ran over The Rock Johnson turning him into a slug that results in him drowning because he doesn’t know how to swim with his new body.


It all started back at my high school, Woonona High.

I was at woonona high when the first nuke hit. We all knew it was coming and the school was in a panic. I ran up to the back-quad, jumped the fence into a neighbouring house. and ran into a fridge. It wasn’t a big fridge, so I had to pull out the shelves and squash most the food. It was really scary, but after the initial blast I quickly left, I could feel the radiation in the air burning my skin. Leaving the house I found my dad and brother. Who rode up on beach buggies looking for cover.

We ended up at scooting around the streets until we found a suitable place. It turned out to be Amy Louise’s house near The Circle in Woonona. In this dream, radiation work kinda like sunburn, which meant windows were a problem. So my little brother and dad hung out in the basement preparing supplies and Amy and I went to her bedroom which was in the middle of the house and had no windows. It was dark purple, and princess-y. We start collecting the supplies into in rectangular tubs. Preparing to make a trip back to my parents house in Woonona, and other random shit we thought would be useful like rope.

When it hit nightfall we all headed east to my parents place to get more supplies (My dad is usually prepared for most things, and in this dream he was prepared for this scenario too). There were lots of crowds heading that way. Apparently the road up the mountain out of Wollongong, called Bully Pass was closed and so in a panic everyone thought the ocean was the best place to go? My parents lived by the ocean so everyone was kinda going the same way. But other people were scary.

We made it to my parents, but Amy and I wanted to go off and see why everyone was going to the ocean. We did it super ninja because we weren't sure if the crowds were zombies or aggressive. We never found out, because we brought to many large rectangular boxes with us and we couldn’t carry them all.

Than we tried getting a train from Bellambi (suburb over from Woonona) because apparently they still run in a post apocalyptic world. While waiting for the train we had a photoshoot. It started to rain so hard everything flooded. So we got a truck which allowed us to drive in 3m flood water and check out the photos from our photoshoot.

Than we literally drive to an alien planet with lots of bright greens and blues, and things get really weird.

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson turns up, its not raining anymore, but he gets run over by a giant purple slug on its way to this huge ass lake which turns his body into a slug-like rectangle. We get beach buggies, because we are looking for the best vehicle to survive the apocalypse, but the The Rock isn't happy about having this rectangular flat slimy limbless body, so we suggest he finds another slug on its way out of the lake rather than into the lake, and maybe if he gets run over again it will turn him back.

This is really hard for him. The slugs swim super fast, and he is still learning his slug body so he can't move very fast along the edge of the lake to catch them. They are also really hard to spot once they are in the water. Eventually he falls into the lake. He can't figure out how to swim in his new slug body despite the other slugs swimming so well, so sinks to the really deep bottom. I think he drowned, I just know he wasn’t happy about sinkings as much as he wasn’t happy about being a totally shredded slug.

So yeah, than we decide to find the best hideout in Woonona, which apparently is in a small group of trees by the duck pond near my parents house. Which we make a bed out of a rug, build some better cover and just lay there until I wake up. Like reverse of going to sleep?
Feb 24, 2018
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