MAMANI MAMANI's "Pachamama"
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MAMANI MAMANI's "Pachamama"
#MASTERCOPY of Bolivian Artist Mamani Mamani's Pachamama painting

Some behind-the-scenes notes:
• I created the behind part of this painting out of the designs and characters that exist in the painting, see all around!

• I met this amazing Bolivian artist, plus did some research and had an interview about his thoughts in life prior to the VR painting to get a better sense of how Mamani Mamani thinks of his art to try to imagine how he might have painted this in VR.

• Mamani Mamani uses a lot of details in his art because of the deep understanding he has of Bolivian culture.

• To create his very recognizable fading of colors through the piece I used a mix of more than 3 brushed and took a LOT of time and effort, but the results are remarkable!

• I loved using so many colors and brushes, also taking the time to imagine the painting as an sculpture.

Hope you like it! If you want to learn more about Bolivian Artist Mamani Mamani head to

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May 21, 2020
ArtMade with Tilt Brush
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