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Discover our town historical heritage
Discover our town historical heritage
First, we went to the Andra Mari church. The entrance of the church has a triangular arch and the porches were a place for neighborhood meetings. The sculptures were made on the archivolts and columns of the portico. Most of the sculptures were characters taken from the Bible and other ones from pagan mythology.

After that, we went to the shooting range. Agustin told us that in the 50s, in the age of the "Desarrollismo", the shooting range was the landfill of Galdakao. Years later, the landfill closed. In 1977, it became the shooting range, but it was closed at the end of the 80s. Nowadays, it hasn't got any utility.

Then, we saw the Iron belt. It is also called The Defense Belt. It had significant construction defects. It have a perimeter of 70 kilometres. It aimed to protect the industrial area of Bilbao and the surrounding area. It consisted of trenches and tunnels made in the ground, and occasionally bunkers were built of concrete and steel. At least 70,000 soldiers were needed for this defense belt. This bunker was designed by the engineer Alejandro Goikoetxea.

Finally, we saw The "Haizeolak". They find each other in the hillside of the mountains and there were leaky small ovens. Inside the ovens, were thrown iron minerals and wood coal. The consumption of wood coals was very awesome, so later, they built iron mines in the forest.
In the 14s and 15s, were done in the Basque Country on the banks of rivers.
In Isasi, a "Haizeola" was found by an investigator. It is a hole on the rock and under, it have got a hole to issue the dust and the iron.
Nov 19, 2020
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