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Technology Room
Technology Room
Design and Technology: Creative solutions for a sustainable future

Our Design and Technology workspaces are used to inspire creative thinking and problem solving. You are able to work with a wide range of resources to model ideas and make fully working prototypes. You will develop skills that will help you share your ideas with others by discussing what you are planning to do, explaining your thoughts with sketches, notes and 3D card models. You will be designing solutions for clients and users and will need to get their thoughts and feedback about what they need a product to do for them and how using the final solution will help and benefit them. You’ll need to share all your ideas with them too and get their feedback so you can improve and develop your first thoughts into a solution that works for them. Once a model for an idea is made, you and the client test and evaluate it and come-up with ways that it can be improved. Another model is made with some new features ready for testing and modifying again. You’ll keep going through his process until the model meets all of the design criteria that you agreed and then you’ll have a final design. You should then be ready to start making prototypes, full-sized, fully functioning products. You’ll need to make decisions about how you can make a sustainable solution that avoids causing permanent damage to the environment. You will have to select the best materials, tools, equipment and processes to use as well as considering whether to use any standard, ready-made components. You’ll probably end-up carrying out your own tests to work what works well so you can make your own selections based on your experience. Of course you’ll have to make the product and workout the best ways to do that and we’ll develop your skills and experience to do that.

In our workspaces you can work with; textiles, metals, polymers, timbers, manufactured boards, cardboard and paper. We’ll show you how to safely use tools, equipment and machinery and give you the skills and experience to be confident to realise your ideas independently. You’ll also need to develop your CAD (computer-aided-design) skills so that you can cut materials with a laser cutter, CNC router and plotting machine. That way you’ll be able to make batches of identical items, time and time again.
Sep 22, 2020
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